Yamaha YCL 221 IIS

Yamaha YCL 221 IIS

Katalogové číslo: 1885

výrobce: Yamaha

71 500 Kč
dostupnost na dotaz

Yamaha YCL 221 IIS

Bb bas klarinet

Yamaha YCL 221 IIS

Never before has there been a student model bass clarinet with such a rich, warm sound. The YCL-221 has a tone quality very close to that of a professional instrument; it's hard to believe it isn't made of top grade grenadilla. And the easy playability and accurate intonation will help any young musician sound better. The secret of this remarkable instrument is the fact that it has the same basic body specifications and tonehole designs as our pro model bass clarinets. And it looks as beautiful as it sounds: a special matte finish gives the durable ABS Resin body the look of a wooden clarinet. No one but Yamaha can give you such quality for such a price.

Design Based on Pro Model
We use the same materials and special crafting techniques as on our pro model YCL-621 to form the bell and neck giving improved roundness for better resonance. All key systems were also designed based on the 621 for smooth comfortable performance.

A Natural Neck Angle
The YCL-221 boasts a neck angle similar to a soprano clarinet for natural feeling comfort, endurance, and playability. Only Yamaha with its hightech production capability can offer this neck angle on a student model.

Easy to Hold/Easy to Play
The YCL-221 key positioning is ergonomically designed for comfort, while the ABS resin body is much lighter than wooden models making it easier to hold and play, And the attractive matte finish looks the same as a pro Grenadilla model.

Stronger Keys
After extensive research, Yamaha metallurgists have come up with a new stronger alloy for the key mechanism. This enhanced durability is especially important on a bass clarinet with its long key rods.

Register Key Design New Register Key Design
The positioning and size of the register key tonehole was scientifically determined to give the most accurate intonation and strong tonal projection. The new register key mechanism has been created for stable smooth action.
easy to assembleeasy to assemble Easy to Assemble
A rounded key connector ensures that the keys fit together during assembly of the upper and lower joints. And Yamaha's unique combination of natural cork complemented by synthetic rings facilitates effortless assembly.
Thumbhook Thumbhook
The thumbhook is adjustable for comfortable positioning of the right hand. Made of ABS resin, it can flex a little to prevent chaffing, but is extremely strong.
Compact Case Compact Case
Because the YCL-221 body separates into two pieces, it fits into a very compact and lightweight case. This attractive and stylish case is made to stack for easy storage, and offers extremely durable protection for the instrument.

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